Why you should invest in your winter boots…


Living in Canada means I need some hearty boots to survive the cold. We get some pretty frigid cold weather and lots and lots of snow and rain. You want to make sure you invest in something good so you can survive.

The problem is, winter boots aren't always the most stylish thing. I wanted something I would love to wear not just be comfortable in. I knew I wanted to invest in a beautiful pair of winter boots. When I saw this beautiful collaboration last year between Chloé and Canadian brand Sorel, I knew I needed them- they are stunning. They are the duck boot style (meaning they are good with water) and feature a shearling lining and suede outside with gold buttons to hold the fringed tie. I mean, look at them. They're beautiful. Okay, I'm done gushing.

They meet all the qualifications of a good pair of winter boots. Warm. Comfortable. They don't leak. They're stylish. Have you found your perfect pair of winter boots?

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