Tailored quality pieces done in the best way…


The obsession with French women runs deep. Their effortless style and minimalist outlook on life is so appealing. I was surprised to find that I personally share a lot of similarities with this particular outlook and aesthetic. I've been wearing blazers over my nerdy t-shirts since high school. So, that means I'm basically French. Paris isn't exactly known for having closet space, so the people who live there, live small.

They invest what they can in their wardrobe to have pieces they love (and spark joy, heh) and keep forever, whereas over here in the North American continent people tend to over shop and put far too much of their money into disposable fashion (a massive industry that is known to be the second most polluting and horrible thing to happen to the world).

Keeping your wardrobe in a healthy, functional state requires regular maintenance and culling. It all starts with investing into quality pieces, fewer pieces. One of the greatest ways that we as people can be more sustainable and conscious of the impact of we have on this world.

This wardrobe methodology brings you to your perfect, curated wardrobe, tailored perfectly to your own personal needs. The rules are simple. You compile a list of your basics (ie essentials in your wardrobe) which you are allowed to buy at whim, but you can only purchase five trendy or statement pieces per fashion season (which would be 1: fall/winter and 2: spring/summer) which means every six months.

Here’s an overview of the Rules:

  • You are allowed buy 5 new items every 6 months.

  • Basics don’t count as one of the 5 items (see my own basics list below)

  • Underwear / socks don’t count either

  • 1 investment bag per year is allowed

  • Accessories don’t count

These kind of items don't count to the five pieces you invest in, unless they’re over $100 or whatever your normal amount is. It's different for everyone.

A basic is something that:

  • I can wear this over and over and over again until it falls apart

  • Goes with everything I already own

  • I pretty much can’t live without it

  • Is the glue that helps me keep the rest of my wardrobe together

  • Is made of a good material that will last for a very long time


Now keep in mind this is my list, yours could be very different. Your ‘basics’ will be the foundation of your whole wardrobe, and the list consists of things you should really have in your wardrobe, if you don’t already. I compiled my own basics list below, and surprisingly, I don’t yet own a lot of things on this list. You can see I’ve checked off the ones I do have already.


2 Tee Shirts – (Black ✓ White ✓ )

2 Long Sleeve Tees- (black, white)

Breton Stripe top ✓

2 Tanks/Camisoles –  (Black, White )

Button up shirt – (White,  Blue,  Striped )

White Silk Shirt

Black Tee Dress

White button-Up shirt dress

Boyfriend blazer (black) 

Cashmere Sweater - (Camel, Navy, Cream, Black, Grey)



Skinny Jeans ✓

Straight Leg Jeans

Black Cigarette Trousers ✓

Leather Pants ✓

Black Dress Shorts 

Black Pencil Skirt

Denim Shorts (blue, black, white)

Wide Leg Pants (black, white)


Leather Biker Jacket ✓

Trench Coat 

Wool Camel Coat ✓ 

Shearling Coat


Black Stilettos Pumps 

Heeled Ankle Boots ✓

Flat Ankle Boots

Classic Flats ✓


Sneakers ✓




Durable Leather Handbag 

Cross body- (Summer, Winter)

Evening Wear Clutch 

Small Wallet

Large Holdall Tote

Small Card Holder

Small leather Pouch 




Leather Strap watch

Long Pendant Necklace ✓

Dainty Necklace ✓

Everyday Ring  ✓

Cashmere Scarf 

Everyday Toque  

Leather Gloves ✓

Sunglasses- (Classic Black / Aviator )

Black Leather belt ✓ 

Now these basics are my new shopping-list, so before I splurge on that jumpsuit, I’ll make sure these are ticked off first. Then if it’s a non-basic but I still want it, it will be one of the 5 allowed pieces per season. I’ll also be trying to invest a little bit more into these pieces, as I know I’ll be wearing them the most frequently.

After I did a large cull of my wardrobe last year (I do small ones every once in a while to maintain) I decided it was time to invest in matching hangers. No flimsy wire ones to save space and pack everything in, I got hardy wooden ones. When I open my closet, it's a thing of beauty (to the organization freak like myself it is at least), so each and every piece I own and add gets added to my wardrobe instantly looks like it belongs.

Once I discovered this concept, I embraced it wholeheartedly and I wanted to share my journey with you. I will be posting about new additions and culling and all things that are good.

Have you embraced a more minimalist way of thinking?

xo Ashe