... and the shopping

There is nothing I love more than summer. It's easily my favourite season, but it took my a while to find my stride style wise. Loose airy clothing made of natural breathable fibres and short shorts with fun hats and sunglasses. Not to mention the shoes! Bit by bit, my summer wardrobe is taking shape, so how about I share my progress with you?

With the idea of a capsule wardrobe, comes  a lot of strategy- with strategy- lists. I love lists. If you missed my video on me spewing about my love capsule wardrobe, you can check it out here. Instead of doing a big planning session and creating a new capsule, I'm letting my spring capsule slowly morph into a summer capsule. No big overhaul, no timelines- just putting the long sleeves back in storage for now, and letting a few new pieces trickle in here and there as it feels right.

To show that capsule wardrobes don't just happen overnight, I wanted to talk about my progress so far on my summer capsule wardrobe.

Old Pieces I’m Bringing Forward

Button Up- My basic button-up shirts

Basic Tees- In all colours

New Additions

Jean Shorts

A silk summer dress (still on the hunt)

Big straw hat (need)

I'm becoming very aware of what my clothing is made out of. I strive for natural fibres- they are better for the environment and tend to keep you “temperature appropriate” depending on the season. Natural fibres wash better and last longer. Oh and they feel better on the skin.

So what has helped me in my shopping problem? I normally do online window shopping, right clicking on all the pieces that I like so I can look at them individually. It is made of natural fibres? No? I don't add it to my shopping cart.

I still have a few items I am desperately trying to add to my wardrobe, but finding well made items that I love is not easy. Whenever I add things to my wardrobe I will of course report back, I want to start adding some recurring posts into my blog where I show that better quality items I've purchased to replace a poor quality or old pieces and another where I show my additions.


Do you partake in a capsule wardrobe? Tell me your summer fashion plans!