When the classic old school item really does the best job.


I'm going to be honest, the idea of using a safety razor at the beginning was a scary thought. I was afraid of constantly knicking myself while I was shaving. But there is something to be said about the safety razor. Oui Shave is an American company that outsources their razors to Germany, a factory that is renowned for it's craftsmanship. I use the limited edition 24k gold safety razor. It's stunning, heavy and a quality solid piece. I have come to love this type of razor.

Oui Shave has tips for getting the most out of it. Use it at a 30 degree angle, be sure to apply no pressure. The head of the safety razor is weighted in order to apply all the pressure you need. It gives you the best most gentle razor.

IMG_9672 copy 2.jpg

You get a better shave if you pull the razor is criss-cross motions as opposed to straight lines. Take your time around the ankles and back of your knees. If you are wanting to shave in more delicate areas of your body, hold the skin taut. You'll get a good safe shave.

Oui Shave introduced me to the benefits of shave oil, I love the smell of the Neroli scent. It moisturizes the skin for the smoothest legs and closet shave. It protects the skin while you shave. It hydrates, repairs, and tones leaving only moisturized skin behind.


And to top it all off, the benefit to the planet. Safety razors are better for the environment. You are buying less and therefore producing less waste, especially unnecessary plastic waste. They are large investment at the beginning, yes, but with each passing year the cost is less and less. I buy a pack of razor blades for $6 for a pack of 5. Since one of the biggest reasons for a bad or irritating shave, all you do is switch out the blade for a new one. Spending $6 on a pack of blades every few months is much more savvy to me.