Can We Talk About Prada?


Prada has turned a favorite into a sustainable accessory. The widespread adoption of polyester in the 70’s made everything easier, cheaper and synthetic. Then came the Prada nylon backpack of the 80’s, made from heavyweight, industrial nylon redefined fashion. The grunge era was here. Enough fashion history- the world is still obsessed with it. All of these have a significant environmental impact- enter Prada’s Re-Nylon initiative.

Lorenzo Bertelli joined Prada’s marketing and communication department as their head, and says that the idea for recycled nylon came long before the sustainability topic was not so common. Since nylon is one of the choices they made that established Prada’s modern fashion identity it makes sense that they would be looking forward even further.

Econyl has been developed by the Italian textile mill Aquafil. They are upcycling industrial nylon waste like fishing nets and carpets. The manufacturer estimates that every 10,000 tones of Econyl created saves 70,000 barrels of petroleum.

If it’s good enough for Ginny Weasley…